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I Hate Mirrors

Mirrors are hung to accommodate people of average stature. In some ways this is annoying, but in many others, I’m grateful. 

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About Me

How does one fill out one of these sections for the Internet?

I have a puppy who loves me, but usually doesn’t want to listen unless it involves food. She will serve as the mascot for this blog because she’s much cuter than me.

I enjoy playing the piano and talking with friends. I spend far too much time on the interwebs learning all the things about Broadway, shows, actors, etc. I am also a Christian.

I have dwarfism, specifically Achondroplasia. This obviously has a huge impact on my life and has affected me in every situation I’ve experienced. I will dedicate a large portion of this blog to living with dwarfism and various challenges I have experienced in my relatively short life, but I hope the stories and topics discussed will resonate with you, wherever you are in life. 

I needed something like this when I was younger and dealing with doubt, insecurity, depression, and much more. I needed someone to be open and honest about life. Someone who put down the mask and let others see the difficulties and struggles. Someone who admitted they didn’t have the answers and was just as lost as me. Someone who understood and was there if I needed to reach out and talk. Someone who had a safe space for those who needed to know they were not alone, no matter what they were going through.  

That’s what I want to be for others now, and I hope that’s what this blog will represent. 

– Jalyn

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